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Premier Outdoor Lighting, Inc. was established and incorporated in 1995 by Doug Tibbits, Founder and President. Prior to that, since 1984, Doug was District Manager for an international lighting company, working with upscale residential and commercial properties. Since the very first day of working in the creative outdoor lighting industry, Doug knew this is what he wanted to do with his career. During the next 11 years, he spent hundreds of hours at night studying the effects of lighting in various settings and tirelessly researched lighting elements and techniques, attended seminars and patiently honed his skills as a knowledgeable and talented designer of exterior illumination.

Doug has always had an intense love of his craft and a burning desire to learn more and keep taking on the challenges of designing energy efficient lighting in creative and artistic ways, and to this present day, almost 30 years later, that enthusiasm and desire to thrill his clients beyond expectations is very evident... and this attitude is reflected in the entire Premier staff.

The basic principles that Premier was founded on has been to provide outstanding product and service, and we have never wavered from that. Over the years, Premier has assembled a team of highly talented and fully trained individuals who share the founder's love and pride in their work, striving to be the gold standard in outdoor lighting. This company pride is further rooted in the legacy of the founder with 2 sons to carry on Premier's outstanding tradition for years to come. The family values of character, integrity, attitude, respect, service, vision, always striving to be better... these are just some of the intangibles that sets Premier from many others. When you combine those tenets with over 105 years of aggregate lighting expertise and creativity, it's no wonder that Premier Outdoor Lighting is considered to be one of the most respected and leading authorities in outdoor lighting. Here's some important reasons for choosing Premier:

• Established lighting company for over 26 years... many client referrals and project references.

• Family owned and operated... proud history and commitment to the future

• State licensed electrical contractors

• Full service lighting company... consultation and design, provide lighting fixtures and equipment, installation and maintenance and electrical services

• Fully insured with liability and worker's comp. coverage

• Commitment to Eco-friendly, energy efficient lighting... leaders in LED lighting

• Do all types of residential and commercial projects... from rose gardens to entire developments.

• Landscape and architectural lighting

• Docks, decks and patios lighting

• Niche and specialty lighting

• Security lighting

• Fountain and underwater lighting

• Low voltage and high voltage lighting and wiring

• Garden and walk lighting

• Tree lighting

• Moonlighting

• Decorative lighting fixtures

• Pole lighting

• Parking and street lighting

• Sports and activity lighting

• Building and office lighting

• Resort, hotel and country club lighting

• Long range projection lighting across lakes and fairways and natural areas.

• Entrances and driveways

• Signs and artwork

• Festive and party lighting

• LED and Induction lighting

• Rope and border lighting

• Converting existing lighting to LED

• Electrical installation and repair / replacement

• Energy Savings Analyses

• Repair and LED upgrades of existing lighting systems

• Lighting and electrical troubleshooting and repair / replacement

• Regularly scheduled Quality Assurance maintenance visits

• Nighttime fine tuning and adjustments

• Free estimates / initial consultation

• Committed to maintaining our lighting systems throughout the years.

• Testimonials from existing clients

• No matter how large or small, every project is a work of art to the entire staff of Premier