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In today's hectic world with individuals and multiple family members alike often working and traveling during the day, it seems that much of our quality time spent at home relaxing and entertaining is in the evening hours. Outdoor lighting can literally give you 24/7 enjoyment and enhancement of one of your most important investments; your home, your "castle". Since outdoor lighting is so important, it is essential that you know out front what your lighting investment is and exactly what you're getting for your lighting dollar. Even if you have an existing system, maybe you'd like to see what it would take to repair, replace, or update it with a new look and technology. Premier Outdoor Lighting, one of the oldest and most respected authorities in outdoor lighting, understands and appreciates the importance of providing a lighting plan and proposal that spells out in detail what all is involved in order for you to make an informed decision. Here's what Premier provides for you at no obligation:


• Consultation - learn about Premier, discuss wants and needs, walk the property, view photos, Q and A

• Design - draw in and detail house and property, create lighting design

• Color presentation plan showing proposed lighting with relevant photos for reference.

• Detailed quote by area or options including lighting fixtures and equipment, installation, wiring, applicable permits and taxes, and warranties...

• no hidden costs or surprises.

• Comprehensive plan and proposal with phasing for future budget planning.

• Energy Usage Analysis to evaluate any existing lighting energy consumption and compare with new LED technology to ascertain future savings.

• Night demonstration if necessary.

• Night adjustments and fine tuning after installation.

• Repair/retrofit estimate if existing lighting system.

• We show you what can be done with lighting your property... WITHIN YOUR BUDGET.

• All of this for FREE... no obligation... no pressure... you deserve no less.


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